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With a Machine to Cambrai - Alex Mallia

“With A machine gun to Cambrai”, a selection of memoirs from Infantryman and Machine gunner, George Coppard.

Coppard writes from his own personal memory of the Great war, simple but enticing, revealing his experience with the Machine Gun Corps. A unique storyteller, as he writes as a mere Private Soldier, who was serving under a time of censorship. He is ability to tell the story of his journey from “Joining up” to winning his “Military Medal”, keeps you glued and turning the page.

This book reveals a soldier, who writes from the Trenches as A Private of the Royal West Surrey’s, and developing himself through his experiences to an “Almost Sergeant” of the suicide squads of the Trenches, Machine Gun Corps.

Coppard’s, adventures within this period have lived with him through his life. Though written over 50 years ago, he keeps you excited though his flashbacks but also tell the story of thousands of men, who lived, ate and died in the Great war.

One of the first books I read, when I first got interested in this period of history, I found it revealed the side of history which I could relate too. The side of history only “An old soldier could reveal”. His attention to detail, is what makes this book, from his snapped pistol lanyard to melting down bullets to make cap badges, my imagination helps me to paint a picture.

Alex Mallia

The Trench - Ruadhán Scrivener-Anderson

"The Trench", by Richard Van Emden, follows the experience of a British soldier